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It's the Business...

We think the success of partner collaboration programs must be based on a meaningful understanding of the internal and inter-company business. So we focus on the business first, how it works and why it works the way it does. We work hard to uncover the ways in which our clients' business processes actually operate. We document and analyze what goes on, and then fine tune and automate using appropriate tools and methods.

We build systems that enable exception-based tasks for employees, rather than repetitive, manual management of operations. This saves time, reduces errors and allows people to concentrate on more valuable activities.

We have no products to sell, so we can arrive at the right solution, rather than the solution we already have.

Good Tech versus High Tech...

We believe in the application of the right technology for the specific business need, not in the use of emerging or new technology just because it is mentioned in the news or hyped in some other way. We believe in aligning technology with the business, rather than the other way around.

There's too much "toolset-centric" thinking in IT circles. At MediaMatik, we've used most of the collaboration tools that are available, and have often had to adapt to new ones in client environments and integrate them into our solutions. We can help you to develop the right solution architecture, and to select the right components.

When we talk about the right solution, we look at existing standards first, to make sure that our clients are not reinventing the wheel, and that our solutions leverage industry work that has already been done.

Our goal is 'frictionless' collaboration - making sure that our clients' business partners find them easy to do business with.